Just wanted to say thank you so much for an incredible band! They killed it.

The client was very happy. They were so professional to work with and totally on point. They looked and sounded great. Thank you again for all your help with everything! Aaron was such a pleasure to work with.

Hope to you work with your team again soon!

Asher Entertainment

It was great working with your team for Ed and Bobbi’s wedding!
Everyone was so beyond amazed by the band!

I hope you were able to enjoy your holiday weekend!

Jessica Rice
Project Director + Producer |
Merryl Brown Events

Gen8 was fantastic, not at all like the same old wedding band.
Really cool music, still very familiar but not YMCA etc. They were also great looking and had fun engaging with all the guests. I could not have been happier.

Sam Gores
Chairman & CEO / Paradigm Talent Agency

I can't tell you how many compliments you have received from last night!
You all were AMAZING! Please send my regards to all. I hope you are resting up.

Also, thank you for being so amazing to work with. I hope there are more opportunities.


Owner & Event Designer

I just wanted to say how impressed I was overall with the band Saturday night
I was THRILLED to see that you'd printed out my timeline, made notes in the margins, had great questions that showed you actually read it (!) and followed the plan so beautifully all evening, while staying in frequent communication with me - I wish all bands operated the same way! It truly was a pleasure and made my job so much easier Saturday night - Such peace of mind you were!

Not only that, but you were a fantastic emcee - polished and professional on the stage - it is amazing how many bands who market themselves as wedding bands give underwhelming and inarticulate announcements. You made us all look good!

The band sounded amazing, and guests came up to me, saying that this was the best band they've ever heard at a wedding.

I should add how nice the band members were - so gracious and personable! Please relay my thanks to them as well for their professionalism and excellent quality entertainment.

Now get some rest! :)

I look forward to working with you all again very soon!


alia rdissi                       
B  e  l  l  e    o  f    t  h  e    B  a  l  l

We are in mid flow of dancing in Rhode Island...and the dance floor is packed! This band is INCREDIBLE!!! We LOVE them!

Thank you!

Speak soon.

Matilda Noble
Director of Events
David Monn LLC

I just wanted to tell you how incredible tonight was! Gen 8 and the group was one of the best gigs ever!!!!!!
The entire group was really special. I loved the singer Gavin as well.

Thank you!!!! Just couldn't let the night end without telling you how great it was!