Earth Harp Ensemble
Most recently featured in the finals of America's Got Talent, William and the Earth Harp Collective is an internationally renowned performance group that combines the creative forces of artists, musicians, composers and choreographers. Through an exciting blend of sculpture, music, dance and the visual arts, William continues to delight audiences throughout the U.S. and around the world with his unique large-scale instruments and kinetic visual, musical performances. Rooted in tradition while pushing the experimental edge to new levels, The Earth Harp Collective is truly is a new design in music. Architectural-based installations often provide the backdrop for a performance. The Earth Harp, designed and created by Artistic Director William Close, is "The World's Largest Stringed Instrument." A resonating chamber is placed on the stage, and the golden strings stretch out over the audience. The building, ballroom or concert hall literally becomes the instrument, and the audience experiences the music from within the instrument itself. The strings can attach to the balcony at the back of a theater, the top of building or other architectural structure, or even to the environment itself, like the top of a mountain. The Earth Harp has been installed all over the world, transforming the Coliseum in Rome, a temple in Vietnam, an art deco hotel on South Miami Beach, a historic theater in Sao Paulo, the Space Needle in Seattle and a mountain peak in California. William & the Earth Haro Collective is also famous for inventing many other original stringed and percussion instruments, such as drum sculptures and wing harps. These instruments are played alongside traditional instruments creating an original musical hybrid of classical and contemporary styles. William infuses every performance and activity with the spirit of innovation and creativity. Their music can be customized to range from high energy and “rock” to more ethereal and atmospheric, depending on the event. The musical compositions explore tonal and melodic dynamics that reference modern, pop and classical genres. The Chicago Tribune writes “WIlliam Close has found the right balance of experimentation, creating melodic pieces that continually delight and surprise.” William Close has thrilled audiences at events for Google, Microsoft, Nike, Toyota, Samsung, Motorola, IBM, The Four Seasons Hotels, Proctor and Gamble, CNN, The Venetian Hotel and Casino, The Los Angeles Natural History Museum and Carnegie Science Center. William Close offers workshop and residency activities for corporations, organizations, and schools. They have also conducted educational activities, workshops, and seminars for the following organizations: The Federal Reserve Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Illinois Institute of Technology, The Art Institute of Chicago, Talieson (Frank Lloyd Wright’s School of Architecture), Columbia College, Chicago’s Field Museum, and the Milwaukee College of Art and Design, and many others.